Great Quality Laptop Dell Inspiron I7547-3020SLV 7000 Series Touch-Screen Laptop Computer Reviews

Dell Inspiron I7547-3020SLV 7000 Series Touch-Screen Laptop Computer Reviews Bought as my laptop and the hand immediately nuked Windows 8 and install Ubuntu. It is not as fluid as it should be-t is required for updating the Linux kernel to get the touchpad to work and always play with xconfig with parameters to run the way I want. But it works well on the whole. This computer is only available at best buy. I like that it is much faster than my old one. It is very thin and lightweight. The touch screen is nice, but it seems insensitive as I’d like. Hot Computers I like that you can use it with or without touch screen. Windows 8 is a little different, but I’m getting used to it is opened which Articles of the box and I got it for a good price. I use this computer for a few days now and haven t see anything wrong with it large keyboard & amp; touchpad. A beautiful screen. Quality building has a taste that is very thin for his 100 dollars of what a nice bonus.

Still looking for a con! It starts in about 20 seconds and shut down just as fast. You can feel the quality in this system. There is a numeric keypad, but I don’t t lose there also no drive optical optical drive external but not expensive. The keyboard is backlit and the kind of really good. It starts with the touchpad in the Center as well. This is a great computer. Move to this laptop MacBook Air to increase the screen size and screen full HD. Better run faster large touch screen. The only downside is that the keyboard could be a little larger depending on the size of the computer, but I quickly adapted and can just tap to get the autonomy of approximately 7 hours of continuous use.

Highly recommend. It is much like with this laptop. Intel i5 provides plenty of speed for my needs. There is only 1 thing that I am happy with this model. There is no DVD driver. Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series i5548-2500SLV Laptop Reviews I use a DVD as much again once emergency but now this option is no longer available. Otherwise, I’m very happy with this model. I bought this laptop it a month ago and I was very happy with it was really good lighting HD touchscreen. Portable computer generation reminds me a MacBook but at a much lower price. Backlit keyboard is a nice bonus.

Awesome Laptop HP 15-f019dx Laptop Computer Reviews

HP 15-f019dx Laptop Computer Reviews This computer is used mainly for online college courses. It is now really fast online and process challenges. Your basic computing needs, such as word processing, surfing the Web is what is required. If looking for a computer to handle some software programs and high-capacity storage this only so far. An excellent computer for simple tasks for the price. The happy laptop, but very happy with the webcam. Since it is HP, amazing but unfortunately did not. Instead it was a really rough JST. Everything else was good. I bought my teenage. This is her second of their laptop. She said speed of this new laptop you like her. Windows 8 that wouldn’t mind. Outter shell and get scratched easily, said she had little hope to stabilize. However, I think it is like as a whole, it’s a good value.

It easily comes not, smaller almost zero in one of the manuals. Some said they think light seconds to read. It’s not easy. The it heavier. It was how hard I was surprised. I bought this fact had some water damage. It is Dell and I just added it didn’t it paid off, always fixed the new I bought. I m to get it fixed now, it’s way out. You pay even less so, do not get that something very cheap price is also low quality. In order to provide really cheap feeling. Key they feel violated like children’s toys. HP 15-R230NR Reviews are required. All tips site carries more of a basic laptop. In particular, 2-1-most of the art to wear. They are great, but I need replacement just for the laptop stolen emergency rapid.

It was a great price. It’s what: laptop. It’s nothing special is. Not the game. Above all word processors and Internet needs. Before coming to this s it call to use BS to purchase individual Microsoft Office already installed. Use it right when struck the region bought at Christmas for my wife because of bad weather. She was able to leave work from home home with him. Laptop was to pass security clearance to access leading-edge and they work software. This is a great gift HP 15-g260nr Laptop Reviews and this porridge can price and features stories of t. It is easy to carry and Intel processor hard disk space. Ability to work with multi media schools so far, she has two plays and was very happy.

Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5310 Laptop Computer Reviews

Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5310 Laptop Computer Reviews This pleased me 2 Toshiba laptop best buy & quality and price! Always thought purpose Tablet Toshiba laptop, money for better value! I can be anything, anywhere from only worked right off the bat, but everything else correctly detected and buy the best choice of best buy electronics AMD Catalyst Control Center, software rendering mode, meaning as live USB and boot installation first started on cinnamon desktop environment’s. This is a free download on their Web site. Laptop can play somehow, but it’s mind not built into the game. Computer got it worked great, I do it, will demand what you search on the Web, except back t load page not connected to WiFi have the same problem for another, since I leave the old, crash, and I had this notebook only by my brother would say. I was slimmer than the laptop in front of me how it s smooth and really fast. Love the storage as well. S it is also my first time, Toshiba laptop purchase. Very much recommended. The previous mark was. I bought this machine for my granddaughter for Christmas.

To learn about Windows 8 had to get along with us. We all hate it! She has one had, unfortunately, we will be sat down with 8 Windows 7. M assuming I make because it’s the best work it’s going to. Brings a few steps cannot yet or do you t to find out there are many, it us we are more accustomed to do it. Windows 8 is not a computer fault that is. Good so far and I ve had two months. Only complaint with Windows 8 Toshiba Satellite P55T-B5154 Reviews, go to m getting is. Built in mouse pointer sluggish gold back mouse pad is only annoying is if you want to use. Understand the common problems of Windows 8 made a quick web search for this. This bought my daughter a Christmas gift, they are of no questions used to her school and College for. A restricted and what processor is it slow, but we know that the expectations. She is plenty of hard disk space required for it she manipulates desktop video or other severe memory application, you can transfer via USB to your laptop. Toshiba Satellite S55-B5157 with WIFI had little problem using it troubleshooting, it is okay. Bought this laptop as a gift my Mom s replace old laptop! Will need to look like anything, this laptop is it touch screen is rare nowadays, but not! People who connect over the Internet and my mother loves it but their t handle touch screen you can! Love is a large print keyboard a clear and high speed Internet! These are it is not ideal for tech-savvy.

AMAZING Notebook Lenovo Y40 Series FHD Gaming Laptop Computer Reviews

Lenovo Y40 Series FHD Gaming Laptop Computer Reviews Issue non-SSD s I I the main desktop games honest, fast enough for this price class mobile gaming rig. Speakers are probably some of the best looks great, I used with owning and laptops. It’s nothing of great importance after a few hours of playing a bit warm to be. Heat is comfortable if you get a cooling pad if you want to find. Keyboard is actually pretty solid. One of the missed one keystroke occurs time for me and I didn’t and key to the sea was keyboard some of the other competitors in the past feel spongy. Average usage at very little or sometimes Flex at all. For it around to some weight you should not haha anyway t gradually without laptop. For a small system like this it packs a heavy punch. FPS is my battlefield 3 run ultra settings with 55 from about 30. NVIDIA 860 M to pay isn’t too hot and the i5 processor is simply outrageous.

Great backlit keyboard and screen offers my favorite little ones in better resolution. It is the only real drawback comes preloaded with Windows 8, and have her not DVD-ROM drive. Other than, I would say, definitely value for money. Screen is undoubtedly the isn’t up, but I t can make it deal-breaker. Displayed the somewhat if you really care, it the same on my old laptop and think about. If you see that some were more hd screen complaints. Is for me a positive note for large screen feels most definitely is one thing. Whether or not because the viewing angles also directly overlooking the screen on screen angle or you is not under it somewhat perfect, pretty bad, I was likely to replace in believe it doesn’t matter. This laptop exceeds my expectations. And i5 versions, run the magic. I know why people are satisfied with the screen, it is great for me. Use this for school and leisure. Intense for that kind of behavior and learning game development, Unity3d and it errors with no to use the game engine is difficult. Bet that the more powerful version of the I7. This machine much ukai shoes with your computer time is why it’s a four star drive lack of wheels, Lenovo Z40-70 59425585 Laptop Reviews I some games I SimCity like why that play cd is required at Laptops Consider Online .

High Performance Toshiba Satellite S55T Series Touchscreen Laptop Computer Reviews

Toshiba Satellite S55T Series Touchscreen Laptop Computer Reviews So far my only complaint is the 1 TB hard drive absolutely huge scan takes time shared hard drive is great, but solid state drive is a nice rainy day upgrade. Everything else is very well designed and well built let. Only the ports on the computer code fine power cord plug ugly, is. To wear T haven t Super HD and ultra HD TV you must really connect. Tablet laptop for information exchange is great via Bluetooth. Please note that do not share the most laptop Bluetooth. Really like black laptop metal chrome’s small works of art. Laptop very elegant and beautiful. You must be reallly disk data as does my pain, and that many surface I is an external hard drive.

I target it the high price I just Asssumed, I wish I knew before I bought it. Know the most, computer, construction, internal hard drives and one need the,. I was aware computer by the installation program if the number of accidents. A closed without any fanfare only the latest software program, several times. Got a message stating that the new BIOS for this notebook. I downloaded and had haven t since an odd problem. By the way all the BIOS setup process went smoothly. Very nice so far. Beautiful brushed aluminium surface. Slim and lightweight. Is it on a full charge battery with MS Office, and I for one hour running immediately dismissed it.

Changes for Windows 8.1 was very concerned, I very quickly, you can save it to find all files that are used to do will be to get Windows Explorer. It will be, and then type the name of the application you want to open only from screen Windows 8.1. Enough horsepower to have it slowed at all at the same time many app issue. Toshiba Satellite C55-B5142 Reviews I got good at this computer trading run. Is not this notebook in terms of speed in the speed demon is admirable. I thought I would’ve done this 10 days or so and I Don; I think I miss miss too much then, DVD players and DVD players now.

Awesome Light PC Acer Aspire E3 Series Laptop Computer Reviews

Acer Aspire E3 Series Laptop Computer Reviews Is buying a laptop to our grandchildren in preparation for school. She wanted something small and easy. This meets all of their needs, as soon as I got the throw all garbage add-on with him. The cargo holds of the well and they can be MS Office etc. Download. It’s going to take him some time to use on Windows 8 but like their teen manage s good. Fantastic rates for Windows PC and fast delivery. I absolutely do not like Windows 8.1. I wish there was a way to choose your operating system before you buy a computer. Microsoft is aware that this is not very good. I think if companies are more selective about the facilities will sell them for others, would make happier customers. I like the computers very much. This is what I was looking for. I would like to see the other operating systems. In retirement, I’ll will probably save you and get another. Windows 7 Professional both on my old desktop. When you are finished, you are ready to start but Defender. Significantly speeds up and then ran the way cold. The command has removed a lot of overhead.

Higher Temps could explain the short life of discomfort with the stock configuration. RAM 4 GB storage upgrade is small and cheap, so that on the list. SSD drive should be large so that I upgrade the aging inner geek you might want to as well. It’s very sharp and fast for most users to all students who need only Office and Internet browser. Photo editing is much better than I expected and Netflix looks sharp processed. Acer Aspire E 15 E5-571-33BV Reviews A very neat feature is that the other laptop designs will be where most of the connections on the back of the machine has a hinge. This makes the cable and the USB drive out of the way. It is also pretty cool. I don’t think that this laptop is good, cause if it wasn’t for ONE SSD harddrive upgrade. Absolutely a must for this. There are 32 GB eMMC this laptop hard drive but no easy upgrade and Windows 8.1 will take the majority. Movies and YouTube performance good, but not sure if it’s going to be left if I’m multi-tasking.

Somehow it seems according to t for me but still can. Haven t play all media I throw good so far but he’s still pushing it so hard. The price is very competitive. II came faster and looks very beautiful light and Nice. This laptop has my daughter worked his first year at the school. Win 8 installed, but it is different from XP and win 7, which we are accustomed to. But that’s OK. The hard part is the computer Setup. A lot of useful software has been added to, if my procedure to enable a variety of things. Laptop Reviews It makes your computer very slow. I had to manually delete this junk e-mail, before the computer again the speed recorded. It s work has been wonderful. A bad problem with this computer is Windows 8 I d love to Windows 7 will have as the system is not at all like that.

Awesome Laptop Dell Inspiron 13 i7347 7000 Series Convertible Touchscreen Notebook Reviews

Dell Inspiron 13 i7347 7000 Series Convertible Touchscreen Notebook Reviews I would like it if I could fit, adjust height of hover I want it a little farther from the screen to register a PIN but I’ve adjusted and my good, know when to my Palm wh ICH the on screen picture trace Ile. I was a few different pin may try and see what works, that I haven t one of the ghosts that touches, people have reviewed the best up to that point, and I hope that I Don; t they happen. For me it was very accommodating, s although I again found myself in laptop mode I, because I draw or tap the game.The touchpad is very large and easy to use and I think I prefer you to continually to reach the screen for me it s touch pretty quickly. Works great! Use it as a Tablet and a laptop. It does everything advertised and more efficient use is enough for me, to teach technical classes, where I am a professor at a college. The only thing I don’t like is that there are many Don screen glare of the Sun or a bright room.

I bought a screen cover that this address s. Haven t got there yet but we’ll see how that goes. On the contrary, I could complain t. Bought for my son and he loves it. Having a problem where it appears below and that even full system restore goes, when Bluetooth-enabled in the first 2 days after Christmas should be doing. The machine is disabled with Bluetooth brilliantly exploring is, like this one at some point in the future true since Bluetooth isn t really necessary. I have this notebook for about two months has been. I love it. I have a lot of Dell-owned product for years and have been generally good success with them. Dell laptop from the beginning first with modern design, attractive. This looks and feels like, as a top-of-the-line computers should be viewed with a light and delicate composition. Second, Dell is very easy to set up. A guy needs any notebook is to be used to prepare any computer skills.

Answer a few simple questions-links and E-mail accounts, if you want to set a username etc and presto-you are logged in and ready to hook up WiFi at home. This Dell computer in most of the scores for its use. One of my kids wants to use it and she was immediately impressed by the fact, that the hinges allow the screen folded back flush with the base to the tablet-like setting. He wants to use the computer to play games, so he liked this ability. The pictures are also quite clearly better than the people that I have on my laptop before a couple of years is the HP models.

Great little PC ASUS Transformer Book T100TA Touchscreen Laptop Reviews

ASUS Transformer Book T100TA Touchscreen Laptop Reviews Overall is a great student Tablet doesn t have a heavy laptop but want still something that’s relatively capable while still small and compact. For the price, some trade-offs to be but s is an excellent value for the price and I would recommend it as a small compact tablet 8 Windows can do a lot of things as well as full partners of the laptop. There are some applications/programs, which I have on my iPhone, I like developed 8 app as Windows. However, this is a problem with Microsoft as a tablet. More and more applications emerge every month so hopefully my Search will be available soon. When Microsoft surface for higher prices to buy the H1 reviews with 500 GB hard drive is the way to go. By the way, I can add that Windows apps still leaves much to be desired and does not come close to the application Android or IOS in the availability or quality, but you can run all Windows programs on this tablet computer.

I would also recommend that, if you like Windows 7 or XP desktop, that you download and install classic shell, boot a Windows machine and make it easier to use Windows 8.1. I have a ASUS transformer Book 10.1 for about 3 days. Wanted to like it, but there are two real negative for me. It will not connect wirelessly at home or the Office. Maybe it’s the operator’s fault, but I don; t think so. Second, the keyboard is weak. Perhaps it is a good laptop-Tablet hybrid based on the many positive reviews but not right for me. HP-360 with screen flat-folding back, which can be used as a Tablet I bought but could not be removed. Has higher processing power.

Hope, it will come with detailed instructions, although I find that manual which can be downloaded from the ASUS Web site. New to tablet and it’s hard to know how to effectively use and take advantage of all the features. Each version of Windows has a new learning curve, use. Can’t afford a specific task by the battery during the charging process. The use of an actual keyboard often intermittently. When open for terms and conditions please contact the two parts are easily maintained separated in Folio.

Perfect Ultrabook Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Convertible Ultrabook Tablet Laptop Computer Review

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Convertible Ultrabook Tablet Laptop Computer Review If you upgrade your yoga 2 by don t expect huge gains in performance. However, it is thinner and lighter than the Yoga 2 pro. Having regard to the second dual usb, such as sound and ingenious chargeris remarkable speakers coming from one portable thin like that you can be better appreciated in the hood mode. Many of these laptops to the surface with a 3. I really feel that the surface with 3 performance better although it is used on the next-generation processor, but can t even need to suddenly stand when using the keyboard. Display backlight important bleeding around the edges of the screen, especially at lower left. What is this clearer with movies that have a lot of dark scenes and it shows up on a regular basis. However, clarity and color are very good with monitor. Screen brightness culminating [except] at a much lower level than the MacBook Pro.

I have a problem with resolution size on some programs and others are so small I can’t even read them. I ended up putting the resolution of 1080 p and only left behind. This computer is so close to perfect, but it is a big mistake, it kills it for me. Why oh why did they get rid of the function keys? Yoga Pro 3 light, thin relatively fast and beautiful with a stunning design by cool screen hinges and the battery which lasts longer thanks to the processor core TN. get ~ 6 hours real world use. So it’s even more painful that they had messed up with a weird keyboard. Why they just can’t seem t keep the normal keyboard layout as they have on a Yoga Pro 2? There’s tons of room which makes it even stranger to get rid of the line function keys? And it s not exactly this. S because there is no ESC key key not F is where ~ belongs and backspace and delete to be strange. So, they removed the menu button and stuck PrtScr there instead. Lenovo Z50-70 59436279 Specs So it’s not love I m a beautiful new machine that I think is send back to yoga Pro 2 so I have a keyboard that is driving me crazy. After explaining how they have already agreed to give it to me it just didn t seem to care so I said unfortunately I just pay the money.

It then transfers me to another rude employees who will not be t listen to the story I tried again to get free software that initially offered four days ago. Then as I m willing to pay him to telling me that not only if it will cost me better buy now, but they are n; t have on usb it s CD when I raise here the question as simple as when he wants to be in usb, how long before usb what are available for yoga 2 I m writing this opinion is based on the product, not the software. I’m not the biggest fan of some Windows 8 feature but has little to do with this device. I bought this ultrabook at best buy a few weeks ago and I am very happy. It’s very thin and lightweight easy to handle very sensitive to rotations in the notebook mode and tables and screens. It has all the power you need to run a smooth Photoshop and other applications. Sufficient storage space, especially if you add 1 TB of storage offered by Office 365 cloud. This round up feel good high-quality market like any other. Best of all, it is still colder than my phone, even that is connected to the power supply. Issue no. now think about your lap for a while. Like all laptops, there is some power of choice. The battery life is good given the performance. Fast refill via USB. Lenovo Y50-70 59421847 High-end Laptop With normal use it lasts me all day without needing to rejuice.

Very Lightweight Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-012-16AA Detachable Laptop Reviews

Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-012-16AA Detachable Laptop Reviews At first switch gloss Acer 10 looks like a laptop/netbook computers on average (although very thin). It’s got built-in speakers on-screen keyboard and trackpad is just like a laptop. Then you pull the keyboard and turns off the screen, appearing and now you just tablets. The Tablet connects to the dock by a strong magnet. A very interesting feature here is that the tablet can be connected to the docking station with the screen facing the keyboard (use default value) or a 180degrees in either direction with the screen (and keep the use of the full keyboard). Lots of options here to find out how to use/view.

This is an incredible computer. I like a real keyboard and I can’t let go of tablet a lot, but it is a nice feature. The touch pad is very responsive and better than any other laptop I have. Tables with ease and at the same time very stable I don t use a lot of Windows 8 and don t like the pre-installed application but I don’t like that based on the PC I got to play with other Tablets, but like what I stayed in touch very specific and somewhat like the I pad is … I want more speaker volume and the size of the usual usb on a Tablet. This is what a great buy. I n t need something large or fancy and the fact it comes with great bonus what Office! Have a laptop and a Tablet was found unbelievable for me. I had my computer for a few weeks now and I n t experience all the problems.

Tablets appearing on and off very easily, and while some people complain are too top heavy, so I have a problem with either. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a hybrid computer would’nt. So beautiful color screen and hd Bay photo looks awesome on this subject. The touch screen is really sensitive and very comfortable. Change the landscape to take horizontal table beat, but at the moment where Your outlet as You adjust the screen inverts and ready to go. This is a great little touch screen laptop computer was so impressed with the price. By subscribing to the Office including sounded downright ugly. I have large hands and one of my pet peeves is the keyboard is too small. It is small but that is really not bad. They have to maximize space and you should have no problem returning email and browsing on this site.

The first time I used the new Windows OS since switching to Mac years ago. Works amazingly well very intuitively love selection is concerned. One thing that I put t like this has already started to happen recently: mousepad gets off track. Idea  why this happens or how to fix it but you must adjust the arrow a few millimeters from where you want to really click. Boring but I m sure this one to fix that or this is a coincidence and I n t he still understands. It became the go-laptop for working on the move. It is very easy to do better than my iPad keyboard keyboard and good market if I lost you can get another soon.

Solid Laptop Acer Aspire E5 Series Notebook Computer Review

Acer Aspire E5 Series Notebook Computer Review Personally, I like the windows 8 8.1 then I’m pumped that installed it. I m having a little messed up than the touch screen isn t this one but I know it wasn’t t when I bought it. The laptop itself is very nice and is made of plastic. S nothing wrong with it carefully with it. Battery life is amazing, I can give you a number of yet on how long it lasts since Best Notebooks I installed and reset everything on it. As far as I n t shows the counter and I really appreciate this laptop. I’ll leave what should I do to get this working in case someone ever have this problem. Buy a pair of these for my brother’s younger brother-to the needs of the school/light from the game. The specification is only good for running some games of taxation. But you will need to lower the graphics settings to enjoy the game a little more weight-graphics-intensive. This next bit wasn’t t ads either, but this laptop is not equipped with a CD/DVD drive. It’s not that big of a deal, given that the least thing he needs more.

There is a slot in the case who still (have the top lid) so if you need, you can order separately and install yourself. just Google “Acer Aspire E5-571-588 M optical drive” and you should have no problem finding it very external optical drive, which you can use as an option. Toshiba Satellite C75D-B7100 Reviews I chose it primarily for Acer Intel dual core i5 CPUs-it’s super efficient power 15W. Because of this, the laptop run much quieter and cost have a long battery life. I showed the floor because the reliability of the computer laptop will live will see. If you need to repair an Acer parts are usually available and not too expensive. A star off for not having a built-in CD/DVD player. Powerful PC’S Grand Prize.

My son wants to start making videos of video games then I started looking for a laptop that meets the system requirements for the game captures the Elgato HD60. I finally found this great meet ram and graphic treatment for my son’s video footage. For low price as this PC has a punch and will easily be able to support the arrest of the fps video game 1080 p 60 on his. Prices are very sensitive, Acer Aspire V3-572G-543S Specs good for Intel processors i5. Really fast start but there are a lot of bloatware to get rid of.Hey T keyboard is very comfortable to type on, and even though it’s disturbing that there is no user/number key instructions. The touchpad takes time to get used to the fact that it is very easy to use. There was no CD player but that s easy to cross. The battery life is amazing and it was pretty good my last about 6-7 hours, on average, with moderate usage.

Features to Look for in an Android Tablet in 2015

Features to Look for in an Android Tablet in 2015 You’re thinking of buying a tablet can provide Your smart phone features than are likely to be more anxious and more features. 2015, worth the price, you have to see this feature before buying the best for getting customers to buy an Android tablet. Processor to processor Android Tablet experience slow game play to ruin the really high speed processor is for people who are looking for God. Also suffered delays in streaming HD video processor is slow. You must be at least 1.2 GHz dual-core processor is an Android tablet. 4 pills a couple of 1.3 GHz and 4 1.9 GHz Cores provide the user experience. Can can range from anywhere between 1 GB to 500 GB of internal memory and can not be changed. Improve your ability to add a MicroSD card to extend the memory to store songs, photos, video slots and other applications. Find the latest Android OS on the Board.

Determine the efficiency of the network capacity and CPU benchmark the efficiency of the network. 3 is 4 G and Wi-Fi connectivity with major problems. Supports multiple tabs, 802.11 is to support great connection Wi-Fi b/g full specifications 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radio bands. Screen resolution display is a major factor of one more thing to pay attention to the density of the pixels. Tab 1280 x 840 has higher resolution than when compared to the 1024 x 600. If you watch HD movies ranging from 12 inches by 5 inches screen size is 720 pixels minimum resolution required. Tablet camera usually comes with two cameras. Functions as a front-facing camera, webcam.

General tablet without any distortion, 8 x 10 images in the printing or trimming minimum specifications, please have at least 2 MP front-facing camera. Also the rear-facing camera is better than many-megapixel front camera specifications. Some tablets with 8 pixels high resolution rear camera provides the MP. Although some of the cheapest tablet, front-facing VGA camera. It uses just aren t these days a VGA camera. High-resolution retina display and hidden features of the volume and power buttons fingerprint sensor item recognition software 3D cameras to look for some premium features. Know Your Tablet for right-there should be after all on a wide range of products within your budget.